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Biometric Authentication Solutions

Our partner IDEX Biometrics being one of the most innovative technology company globally who design and commercialize fingerprint sensor solutions for payments cards, digital wallets and cyber authentication.

Our solutions are available to the global payments market through our certified solutions with Visa, Mastercard and China UnionPay.

We are currently engaged with our Partners in extending this uniquely featured biometric authentication technology to the technology savvy Banks for their cards , digital wallets and cyber authentication applications 


We with our global technology partners provide innovative  solutions for Financial Institutions such as Banks and Payment Service Providers.
We are working with our technology partners on developing customized web-based platform solution which is EMV compliant, multilingual and allows for comprehensive management of the entire lifecycle of credit, debit and prepaid card products. Some of the key segments of focus within the payment processing arena..


Our mission is to provide consumers with a seamless and secure financial experience through innovative products and services from our global technology partners. We believe that everyone should have access to the financial tools they need to achieve their goals but with more ease and cost effectiveness 

A better POS solution

Your Phone + No Hardware = Better Business

Yazara’s SoftPOS Solution (with or without PIN) enables all smartphones and tablets to be used as POS terminals without any need for additional hardware or dongles.

Turn smartphones and tablets into a secure POS device

Technology Partnership

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