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Our fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions are
used in smart cards and devices

Let The Revolution Begin

To provide security using biometrics

The Mastercard Biometric Card combines chip technology with fingerprints to conveniently and safely verify the cardholder’s identity for in-store purchases. An embedded sensor that’s powered by the chip, authenticates identity through a fingerprint and can be used at EMV terminals worldwide.

Why IDEX Biometrics?

IDEX Biometrics is a true end-to-end fingerprint biometric solutions company, and we have developed a full fingerprint biometric platform which includes the fingerprint sensor or module, a range of reference designs and integration kits, biometric algorithms, and a remote enrollment solution.

IDX3200 , IDX3201 & IDX3205 products

IDEX Biometrics’ IDX3200, IDX3201 & IDX3205 are complete biometric system solutions with software and algorithms. All these products are exceptionally durable and can be used in both smart cards and embedded devices.

How it works

During a transaction, the embedded sensor captures and matches the cardholder’s fingerprint to the digital template stored on the card. The cardholder’s biometric data does not leave the card at any point, as the biometric capture and match is done entirely on the card. If the match is successful, the transaction is authenticated and there is no need for the cardholder to provide a PIN or signature.

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TrustedBio™ family of products

The TrustedBio™ family of products, launched in February 2020, includes fingerprint sensors and biometric solutions built around the IDEX new Biometric-System-on-Chip platform.

Remote enrollment solution

IDEX Biometrics’ incredibly innovative yet simple on-card enrollment solution addresses what the industry previously viewed as the largest barrier to adoption for biometric smart cards, remote in-person enrollment.

Get biometric security

that works for you

From analyzing natural behavior to verifying with unique identity markers. It’s a more complete approach to authentication.

Protection beyond the login

A unique combination of solutions monitors all activity for more in-depth visibility from start to finish.

Reduce friction, reduce risk

Increase loyalty with an intelligent approach that fast-tracks good users and introduces friction only when needed.

Cross-channel simplicity

A unique combination of solutions monitors all activity for more in-depth visibility from start to finish.